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See Evald Flisar's exciting drama

Antigone Now

— FREE Performance & Reception —

Wednesday, June 24th | 8:00 PM

ATLAS Performing Arts Center (Lang Theatre)


Featuring: Danielle Davy, Ron Litman, Lee Ordeman, Brian Hemmingsen, Stas Wronka, Tom Byrne, Sara Barker, John Stange, Colin Davies, Karin Rosnizeck, and Robert McNamara

{Directed by Robert McNamara}

Clara lives in a Mediterranean seaside town. Her uncle, the Mayor, strikes a deal with foreign investors to build a golf course and expensive hotel in order to create jobs and bring prosperity. But first, he needs to demolish the local graveyard and move the corpses to a crematorium he intends to build. Clara refuses to surrender her dead brother's grave. She believes that, even in a world where everything can be bought, there are places that must remain sacred. See the exciting confrontation unfold where we see how the common good cannot win without destroying personal values. Slovene writer Evald Flisar will be in attendance for this special presentation.

In association with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia


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