By George Orwell (UK)

A New Play by Robert Icke & Duncan Macmillan (UK)

directed by Robert McNamara (DC / US)

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Performing: April 30 – May 27, 2018

$35 – $45 | Thurs. – Sat. 8:00 pm + Sunday 3:00 pm

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1333 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Don’t miss the play of the decade, 1984, featuring an all-star international cast.

See our riveting production of 1984 — the acclaimed stage version of George Orwell's novel about a dystopian vision of the future. This chilling drama shows us a world where individualism is crushed—and challenging authority leads to torture, prison and death. 1984 tells the tale of Winston, a small cog in the giant machine state of Oceania. He’s forced to confess his dangerous thought crimes before an unseen inquisitor and jury, which condemn him to unspeakable punishment. Be careful what you think. Watch what you say. Big brother is watching! Get tickets now!

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