“From the moment Robert McNamara limps across the stage, he is anguished and triumphant in equal measure.” —London Theatre Weekly

“A rare occasion to see this insane and moving story played by a veteran actor .... SEE IT!” —Steven Berkoff (actor/director/playwright)

“The acting from McNamara and the direction by Jakobi is excellent” —AlwaysTimeForTheatre.com

“Unepectedly riveting, thanks to an utterly compelling performance by McNamara.” —TheReviewsHub.com

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Directed by Gabriele Jakobi | Featuring Robert McNamara

NOW PLAYING: August 4th Thursday 3:00PM Matinee + August 6th Saturday, 5:00PM Show


See Robert now in Report to an Academy in Finland — and this fall in Africa.

Acclaimed German director Gabriele Jakobi adapted the classic Franz Kafka short story, Report to an Academy, into a powerful and provocative drama featuring Robert McNamara. The play centers on an intelligent ape named “Red Peter” who was captured in a West Africa hunting expedition and sent to Europe on a ship. To effect his survival, Peter learns to mimic and imitate the ship’s crew from his cage. By evolving to behave like a human, he devises an escape. Ultimately, Peter presents his fascinating tale of transformation—and the horrid details of his former ape life—to a scientific Academy. McNamara’s performance brings a wild parable to life and compels you to ponder the issues of free will, animal rights, and vegetarianism.

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"Help us keep great international drama alive in DC!"

—Robert McNamara, Artistic Director

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